4.6 billion years ago the Earth was created by the collision of planets. After that, land and sea were created, and plants, fish, birds, amphibians, and mammals appeared there. It can be said that everything that can be seen now is made up of one stone. Human ancestors have changed their place of residence from sea to land. It means that biologically it has changed from fish to mammals. People call it evolution. And now humans are about to evolve again. We are leaving Earth and going to Mars. Will changing the place of residence mean that we will evolve the biological classification again? Because our ancestors chose the classification of mammals to adapt to the environment. Android, which was born ahead of the development of computer technology, may be our future. Humans say that moving forward is evolution, but is our evolution correct? A whale is a mammal with a brain size comparable to that of humans. Whales once changed their place of residence from sea to land, just like humans. But then they decided to return to the sea. Retreating was an evolution for them. Humans went to the moon in 1969, and the advance into space as a national project was once over. The Science Expo, which promoted the remarkable development of science, transformed into an environmental Expo, and the times changed from idealism to realism, and once humankind stopped feeling doubts about moving forward. “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” A century has passed since Paul Gauguin’s 1897 work. Half a century has passed since humans first went to space in 1961. The times are changing again.Where will the person who chooses to move forward without choosing to stop or retreat go in the future? We have room to imagine the future freely because humans have not yet landed on Mars.


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